Tools & Methodologies

We have a very broad set of methodologies, tools and instruments in our Portfolio. During our careers, we have had the chance to experience nearly 30 years’ worth of methodology history, from the Group Dynamics of the 1980’s to the recent developments such as Agile and Design Thinking. All the methods we encounter have their merit, but not all are suited to every client and we are thus not adherents of any specific tool or methodology. Instead, we maintain a systemic and holistic view of organizations and use the tools and methodologies most appropriate to the given system. To supplement our Portfolio, we collaborate with a talented and skilled network of trusted partners.



Part of what we do is “classical” Consulting work: developing teams, strategies and solutions on-site with clients. We analyze the current state, and enable and inspire the employees. However, our aim is not to sell as many consulting days as possible or to bypass the structures of the client organization. Our services thus focus on ways to empower our clients through coaching and moderation to successfully manage change confidently and independently in future. Thus, during change processes, our clients take center stage and learn how to drive change on their own, with expert support in the background. This leads to an increase in accountability and ownership.

Consulting Fields

Project Management

We are trained in both classical and agile Project Management methods and apply the appropriate type of methodology depending on the size of the client organization and the scope of the project.

Change Monitoring

To maintain objectivity and transparence, and to detect challenging situations soon enough to address them before they hamper the success of the change process, we employ a variety of qualitative analysis tools – from Employee Engagement Surveys and Pulse Checks through to 360° Feedback and Culture Assessments. Our reliable partner network ensures the highest levels of quality and confidentiality in the data capture process and our team of analysts capture the essence of the data in an easy to understand format which our clients can immediately use to derive measures for next steps.