Partner Network

Our carefully selected network of partners are specialists in their field and our collaboration with them enables us to offer our clients a comprehensive service for change management support.

Natie Wiedhopf

Natie Wiedhopf has over 20 years of experience in conception and professional implementation of events and exhibitions of every size. Our last big event was TGOOD’s representation at the Hanover Fair 2017.

Corporate Spirit

Corporate Spirit is, since 30 Years, a leading European provider of quantitative tools and instruments in the area of Engagement, Leadership and Collaboration. They are available in more than 30 languages and fulfil the highest security and data protection requirements. We apply corporate Spirit tools successfully since years and represent Corporate Spirit in Germany.

Smart Merger

Smart Merger is a leading Supplier of Merger & Acquisition Project software. From project management, M+A-specific KPI’s to intelligent Consulting tools available for all phases of an Integration or Disintegration. We helped to develop many Instruments and built on their quality in many projects

Infinity Institute

The infinity Institute in Berlin roots in the German TEDx-movement and was founded by Christopher Kabakis. Communication is key in every change project. Leaders need strong stage performance in Change projects. We built on speech writing and Training projects. We built on speech writing and Training excellence of Infinity Trainers and Coaches.


Since more than 11 years we collaborate with Ludwig-Maximilians-University and its chair of social psychology of Prof. Dieter Frey. Every Semester we teach 24 Students in Change Management and secure our access to most recent scientific findings in the field of change management.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility based on inner conviction

We strongly believe that we are called to make a difference to the world around us. Our commitment to our work in the non-profit sector and in social projects is a reflection of our identity, our guiding principles and our value system. Since our founding in 2006, Breitenstein Consulting has been actively engaged in providing pro bono Consulting support to the following non-profit organizations.



We are members of the following associations

Seminar Change Management

Cooperation project with Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Since 2005, Breitenstein Consulting has offered companies the opportunity to cooperate with student project groups at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich (LMU). Within the framework of the Cooperation project, our Consultants provide professional guidance and assistance to the students, who work locally on specific assignments in the fields of business management, change management and HR development for their client in industry. The ability to combine everyday business reality with theoretical constructs and cutting edge scientific research is a challenge that continues to gain significance in the modern framework of globally competing companies and internationally connected knowledge centers. Through our collaboration with the LMU, Breitenstein Consulting addresses this challenge head-on, and generates a framework in which all parties benefit. Within the framework of our cooperation project, our student teams have successfully completed projects for diverse organizations such as Microsoft, Infineon, Pfizer, TGOOD Global or Siemens.

In the winter semester 2017/18, we celebrated 25 semesters of the Cooperation project with the LMU Munich. The following article contains information about the seminar as well as an excerpt from past projects of the student teams in cooperation with companies and Breitenstein Consulting.

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To keep the seminar exciting and diverse in the future, we are constantly looking for new cooperation partners and interested students. Please contact us if you are interested or for further information.*

*Participation is free of charge for companies and students.


Next Generation 360° Feedback Assessment:

  • Identify Leadership and 360° Feedback best-practices and embed findings in a scientific context.
  • Define and develop a Leadership Model and questions to assess Leadership context along defined categories.
  • Develop a 360° Feedback questionnaire that includes leadership categories, rating scale and a proposal for the evaluation and display of the results.
  • Pilot the 360° Feedback survey with a global organization headquartered in China.

Defining the Principles of Next Generation Leadership:

  • Development of a Leadership Self-Assessment that can be built up to a 360° Feedback Survey at a later stage, as well as suggested measures for implementing Next Generation Leadership.
  • The project results will be piloted at the Leadership Excellence Program of a Big Five Consultancy during Autumn 2017.

Fit for the digital future in Facility Management:

  • Deep analysis of the current state: which digital fields of innovation could affect specific business models in the Facility Management industry, and how?
  • Interviews with selected employees of a company specializing in Facility Management on the scenarios developed during the current state analysis.
  • Assessment of the digital readiness of the sponsoring organization.
  • Strategy Workshop with the Management Team and development of Focus Topics.


Development of a holistic Onboarding process:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the culture and values of the organization, and review the existing internal documents for the employee Onboarding process.
  • Desktop Review of the current literature, methods, critical success factors and best practices of Onboarding processes.
  • Further develop and improve the current employee Onboarding process to support the development of a welcoming team culture.
  • Presentation of results to the management team at the non-profit organization.