Our values

In our experience, Mutual Trust & Respect are the basis of everything in an organization. Without respect, there is no trust, and our approach aims to develop a culture founded on Mutual Trust & Respect in organizations. The cornerstone of a culture of Mutual Trust & Respect is openness among all functions and levels of an organization, as well as collaboration, which is so much more than just cooperation. Collaboration requires accountability for one’s own actions and empathy for others. Participation is the driving force for sustainable change and refers not only to the inclusion of employees in decision making but also to the collective effort involved in steering an organization in the right direction.

Our approach

We believe that one can only change what one truly understands. We therefore approach change by performing a deep analysis of an organization by means of desktop reviews, interviews, focus groups, 360° Feedback and employee surveys. We have a systemic and holistic view of organizations and design our change processes in such a way that they take all aspects, both tangible and intangible into account. To do this, we employ a diverse array of tools and methodologies but do not follow any specific ideology or management theory.

Our history

Tim Bookas founded Breitenstein Consulting in 2006, after a successful Siemens career spanning 30 years. During his time at Siemens, he supported M&A’s, Change Processes and Leadership development. Since its founding, the Breitenstein Consulting team has been steadily growing and we are proud of our team of diverse and highly skilled Consultants. Since 2012, we have been located at the Altheimer Eck 7 in the city center of Munich.  An integral part of the Breitenstein Consulting concept, is our seminar hotel, Berghotel Breitenstein, which is the perfect location for Senior Management Retreats, Leadership Development and Team Building events.

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Our locations

We divide our time between the Berghotel Breitenstein in the Chiemgauer Alps, our office in the center of Munich and the locations of our clients, wherever they may be.

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Our team

Experienced, Passionate, Divers and Pragmatic

At Breitenstein Consulting, we are a team and not merely a network of partners. We are proud of our diversity, and have employees from a variety of cultural backgrounds (American, Chinese, South African, Greek, German) and academic backgrounds (MBA, Journalism, Psychology, Biochemistry, Economics and Political Sciences).  What unites us is our passion for what we do.  We strive to live the passion, initiative and participative decision making which we use to inspire our clients.

Tim Bookas

Founder, Partner & CEO

„Change is the common denominator for everything we do. And no matter what the industry is nor what the challenge is, at the end of the day, it is all about people. And I am passionate about helping these people understand the need for change, the role that they can play and the benefits for them and their company. “

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Alexander Gisdakis

Partner & CEO

“In my consulting projects, I can integrate my strategic skills, empathy and many years of own leadership and change experience. I develop most passion if I can inspire my customers and help them to create tailor-made solutions. And enjoy them taking over their responsibilities in a different way.“

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Cassandra Louw (PhD, PMP®)

Project Management Officer (PMO)

“In my work with Clients, I analyze their situation to identify the mindset, behaviors and processes that cause inefficiency and lower performance. By means of open and frank communication and a focus on efficient processes and procedural fairness, it is possible to overcome the internal friction that results in poor organizational performance. When an organization and its culture is positive and constructive, employees are proud to play an active role in its success.”

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Dr. Yangping Zhou (Maggie)

Senior Consultant

“In the era of globalization and digitalization, there is nothing more than changes in ways of working and collaboration. I have the passion in working in the areas of change management as well as organizational development, especially in the integration of Chinese and German companies.”

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Lena Eberl

Senior Consultant

“I’m passionate about understanding the multifaceted nature of organizations, to analyze their challenges and to develop solutions, together with the employees, which bring a value add for the organization, their customers and society. The respect for people and the recognition for their previous achievements is of particular importance to me.”

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Nathalie Seifert


“My Consulting approach focuses on putting the individual at the center, and to understand his/her needs and motivations. A Consulting process is not successful when the processes and structures of an organization function perfectly, but only then when employees at all levels of the organization have the opportunity to further develop themselves and are motivated in their daily work.”

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Petra Pötschke

Associate Senior Consultant

“Not one size fits all! This is my firm conviction based on multiple years of working and consulting experience in the areas of human resources, leadership and organizational development. I truly like to understand your history and what makes your company unique. Your future goals, how to get there, and how to make it „alive“ is something we are working on together.”

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Mingyang Xu


“In my experience of consulting, I am passionate about understanding customers’ needs and addressing them with visualized and well-structured solutions, where I can make full use of my analytical skills. Consulting is a journey of discovering and learning with customers.”

Yilun Xu


“In the culture diversified world, speak the language could help you to understand your customer with your mind, but catch on the culture might bring your directly to their heart. I am passionate about building a bridge between Chinese and German customers with my understanding of both cultures.”